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All work listed here was originally published in the Brooklyn Skyline and other
Brooklyn media.

The following titles have been randomly selected from Rick's weekly column in the Brooklyn Skyline. It's the primary weekly reading in all the New York media focusing on music and art in Brooklyn, home to the hottest arts scene in the city.


Brooklyn Bred - Rich Repast of Local Lore 12/13/04
Shiver Me Timbers - the Radio Pirates of Free 103.9 5/25/02
Pushbutton Parfait - the Raymond Scott Orchestrette 8/27/02
Canada Lee 5/7/02
BWAC small works show 10/29/02
The Hash House Harriers 10/16/01
Richard II - Shakespeare's Latest Makeover 9/17/02
The Adventures of Hamza 11/5/02
Squeeze Play - Rachelle Garniez 4/2/02
Risque Business - the VaVaVoom Room 2/17/02
Found In Brooklyn--Pictures From Thomas Roma 10/18/01
Ben Allison at Possible Fireworks 1/14/03
Circus Sundays - Big Top Shots at Community Gallery 7/23/02
Fiddling with a Classic - "What I Like About Jew" 3/18/02
The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players 10/22/02
The 19th Annual Coney Island Mermaid Parade 6/24/01
The "American-Dream-Land"  by Philomena Marano 11/26/02
Strads from the Slope - the violins of Sam Zygmuntowicz 5/5/03
Brooklyn Kids Boffo at Tony Awards 6/16/03
Moving Targets - "The Last Good Season" by Michael Shapiro 4/7/03
Polygraph Lounge 12/13/03
"Carnival Knowledge" - Todd Robbins in Soho 8/25/03